Update for Online Choir

Hi everyone, we wanted to make contact to let you know about our exciting announcement regarding your online choir. We really hope that you have enjoyed our free online choir and that it has helped in some small way during this challenging time.

As we look to our future, and recognising that we are slowly coming out of the UK lockdown it is time to look at how we move forward. We have been so pleased with your participation and we are therefore going to continue the online choir on a subscription basis starting next week 9th June. We’ve kept the cost low at only ยฃ10 a month and we very much hope you continue your virtual choir journey with us. We anticipate that the online choir will continue to be an important element of our choir offer in addition to our weekly group sessions (when it is safe to return to these).

We have lots on offer as part of the subscription so please watch the below video for more information, and a little sneak peak at what we do behind the scenes for you ๐Ÿ™‚

Eurovision Special

Evening all, apologies for those that encountered our technical issues during tonight’s live broadcast – it seems my internet can’t decide whether it wants to stay connected or not!

But all is not lost – we’ve uploaded each video performance of covers of some all time great Eurovision songs so make sure to head over now to our Facebook and YouTube pages to check them out ๐Ÿ™‚

S2G Eurovision Logo