Episode 10 Online Choir

Tonight features the final version of our collaboration on Perfect Day, and the first song we ever learned at Sing2gether when we launched our community choir 6 years ago! Episode 10 will be available from 7pm on 19th May:

Episode 9 Online Choir (Eurovision Special)

We are going live! Interact with us in real time on Facebook and YouTube this Tuesday for our Eurovision special – we have some amazing guest appearances this week so you won’t want to miss it!



Episode 8 Online Choir (80s Special)

Boy do we have a treat for you tonight! 80s Idols have recorded three fantastic 80s hits for you to sing along to – get your mullets and perms ready for an all-out 80s episode!

Episode One
Episode Eight (Available 7pm 5th May)

Episode 7 Online Choir

Hi everyone, we have a bit of Wet Wet Wet, Take That, and Keane this week. Enjoy! Thank you to everyone that has submitted clips for our ‘Perfect Day’ collaboration project, we are working hard on this and hope to share the finished video and song with you all soon.

Episode One
Episode Seven (Available 7pm 28th April)

Episode 6 Online Choir

Welcome back! This week you can take part in our virtual video collaboration for Lou Reed’s song ‘Perfect Day’ which will be published on our YouTube page 🙂

Simply record a clip of you singing and send it to us – it can be a line or two, or the whole song. If possible, listen to the backing track on a separate device through headphones and record on another device so that the recording only picks up your voice. Send your clip, along with your name and video footage or a photo of yourself to sing2gether@hotmail.co.uk:

Perfect Day Lyrics

Valerie Lyrics

Saw Her Standing There – Lyrics

Backing Track:

Original Track:

Episode One
Episode Six (Available 7pm 21st April)

Episode 5 Online Choir

Hi everyone, hope you had a nice Easter! We have three more songs for you this week plus a special guest appearance by Neil Bishop on lead guitar – have fun 🙂

The video goes live on Tuesday 14th April at 7pm:

You’ve Got The Love Lyrics

Titanium Lyrics

Wonderwall Lyrics

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Episode Five

Episode 4 Online Choir

Welcome back everyone 🙂 we have a great mix of songs this week, and a brand new song that we haven’t done with our existing choir members before, so there’s something new for everyone to try. Hope you have fun.

Back For Good – Lyrics

Hold My Hand – Lyrics

Imagine – Lyrics

Imagine Harmony Parts:

All Harmonies:

Higher Harmony:

Mid Harmony:

Lower Harmony:

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Episode Four

Episode 3 Online Choir

We hope you are all staying safe, and keeping yourselves at home where possible away from this awful coronavirus. At least the off-licenses will now be open as an essential service, so at least some of us will be able to manage a little longer with gin-in-hand – you know who you are :)-

We have some more great songs for you to sing along to this week to lift your spirits, so tune in and enjoy!

Tracks of My Tears Lyrics

Higher Love Lyrics

Candle In The Wind Lyrics

Episode One
Episode Three

Episode 2 Online Choir

Thank you so much for the fantastic response we had to our first ever episode of our online choir. We hope you enjoy this weeks session just as much!

You Raise Me Up Lyrics

Castles Lyrics

Castle On The Hill – Lyrics

Click Here for Episode Two –

Episode Two
Episode Two





Episode 1 Online Choir

Our first ever online choir video goes live at 7pm Wednesday 18th March and will be published weekly on Tuesdays at 7pm thereafter, until further notice. Please view, download and if necessary print the below lyrics for your first session and click on our YouTube button below to view the video – sing out loud and have fun!!

Shotgun Lyrics

Rolling In The Deep Lyrics

Make Your Own Kind of Music Lyrics

Click Here for Episode One –

Episode One
Episode One