Singing 4 Seniors

A Brand NEW and tailored programme of singing activity for seniors.

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Over the years we have performed at many care homes across the West Midlands to actively encourage residents’ engagement in singing activity and this has always proved to be well received and thoroughly enjoyed by all residents’ involved.

Our BRAND NEW programme ‘Singing 4 Seniors’ has been developed to deliver a professional singing activity for care homes, and designed to suit the genres, vocal range and tempo of senior residents’. 

Our ‘Singing 4 Seniors’ programme makes it incredibly simple for any care home to provide a professional singing activity for it’s residents’ which can be easily led by an existing employee or volunteer without the need to hire in an expert. Simply play the CD provided, hand out the provided lyric books and away you go!  

The cost of our package equates to as little as £0.96 per resident per month so is great value for money. Please contact us to find out more.