Brand NEW tailored singing activity for seniors.

Over the years we have performed at many care homes across the West Midlands to actively encourage residents’ engagement in singing activity and this has always proved to be well received and thoroughly enjoyed by all residents’ involved.

Our BRAND NEW programme ‘Singing 4 Seniors’ has been developed to deliver a professional singing activity for care homes, and designed to suit the genres, vocal range and tempo of senior residents’. 

Our ‘Singing 4 Seniors’ programme makes it incredibly simple for any care home to provide a professional singing activity for it’s residents’ which can be easily led by an existing employee or volunteer without the need to hire in an expert. Simply play the provided tracks and videos and away you go!  

The cost of our package equates to as little as £0.96 per resident per month so is great value for money. Please contact us using the from below to find out more.

Our Customers

We are pleased to announce that care home provider and charity Care South has recently joined our Singing 4 Seniors programme. The Taunton based Activities Co-ordinator says”

“Our residents absolutely love the choir, and look forward to it every week. Even the staff have been getting involved and are really enjoying the choir sessions too which have proven to be such an uplifting and rewarding exercise, particularly in the last few weeks during the Covid pandemic. We will be actively encouraging wider members of the community to take part in choir sessions at Beauchamp House in the near future too as it is a great way to lift the community spirit and encourage greater engagement with our residents in a fun and rewarding way”.

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12 Month Subscription

Singing 4 Seniors Care Home Choir Package. Includes lyric videos of up to 24 songs provided on our password protected website and on a DVD.


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